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Using the latest equipment, technology and software, Clarke Dowdle and Associates offers experience in all types of Cadastral Surveying including:

• Identification Surveys
• Topographic Surveys (Contour/Detail Surveys)
• Boundary Marking
• Set out for Building or Civil Construction
• Works as Executed (WAE) Surveys
• Foreshore Surveys for Jetty Transfers (Permissive Occupancy)
• Urban and Rural Subdivisions
• Commercial and Industrial Subdivisions
• Strata Subdivisions
• Community Title Subdivisions
• Redefinition or Delimitation Surveys (old System Conversion)
• Easement or Lease Surveys
• Creation of Easements or Restrictions on Title
• Commercial Lease Area Surveys (PCA)
• Electronic Lodgement of Subdivision Plans with the LPI via EPlan
• Preparation of Draft Dealings
• GPS Surveys
• Excavation and Volume Surveys
• Floor Level Surveys (AHD)